Why Is My Dog Eating Cat Food?

Why Is My Dog Eating Cat Food? Cats and dogs are biologically different breeds and have different living requirements. Dogs often sneak up on cat food, and there is no harm, but you should watch how much quantity he is taking.

He should not eat this food regularly. By nature, cats’ and dogs’ food requirements are different; cats are carnivores (animals that only feed on meat), while dogs are not. Dogs fall in the omnivores category, meaning they can eat green vegetables and a high protein diet, i.e., meat.

So, after long research, food scientists developed cat food high in proteins, while dog food contains mixed types of nutrients. You can also check out these home remedies to get your dog from eating cat food.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Dogs can have cat food off and on. This is not a big deal if your dog is attracted to cat food. Dogs are helpless in this matter because they are attracted to the smell of meat coming out of cats’ food. Dogs have a powerful sense of smell which is why they can smell protein content in a cat’s food and run towards it.

If your dog eats cat food occasionally, it is not a big deal. You can give your dog a small amount of cat food after consultation with your veterinarian.

Please do not allow your dog to have too much cat food as it can upset his tummy. If your dog keeps eating high protein food, he may gain weight, leading to arthritis-related problems. Following are the five steps that can help you to overcome this problem.

5 Steps to Keep Away Your Dog From Cat’s Food

By adopting the following tips, you can get rid of this problem. Many pet parents who have mixed types of pets in their houses can face these types of issues. But it is not an issue anymore. Just follow the following guidelines.

1. Elevate the Level of Cat’s Food Bowl

You may notice the food fight daily if you have cats and dogs in your house. Dogs often snatch cat food and eat it. If it happens everyday, your cat will not have proper nutrient requirements, and your dog may gain excess weight. So, to resolve this problem, you should elevate the level of the cat’s food bowl. Please put it on a high level the dog cannot reach, but it should also be accessible to the cat.

2. Use a Safety Gate

Safety gates are an easy and cheap option to eliminate this problem. Some pet parents install safety gates for kittens and put food in there. Your cat can easily enter it and enjoys food peacefully. Your dog cannot jump into it and hence keeps away from cat food.

Safety Gate

3. Use Automatic Feeding Bowl

Purchase an automatic feeding bowl from any local pet store. This will help to secure food and keep the dogs away. Using this, you can give your cat meals at different intervals of the day. Put away any uneaten food so that your dog doesn’t have it.

Automatic Feeding Bowl

4. Make Your Dog Familiar With the ‘Leave It’ Term

Train your dog according to his personality. Always snub your dog from making bad habits. Whenever you catch your dog sneaking into a cat’s food, always command him, “Leave it.” If you practice this term regularly, he will not be attracted to the cat food more often.

5. Use Cat Flaps

Cat Flaps

Install cat flaps at your door. Cats can have access to the garden and outdoor areas through this. This way, only your cat can enter through that small area and have her food easily without disturbance. In modern cat flaps, you can also control the access whenever you want, mostly when someone uses this feature at night.


In short, never leave the food open or near your dog. Your pets will take some time to set their routines. Always give your pet a meal at their proper time, so they become habitual to that time. Never store cat’s food where a dog can approach it easily. By installing cat flaps, you can prevent a dog from entering the cat’s food area.

If you have a small-sized dog in your house, then a safety gate would suit you. Keep a strict eye on your dog’s behavior. If his misbehavior continues, then admit him to a good training center. Use a separate bowl for both so a dog cannot get confused when you feed your cat.

If your dog eats cat food more frequently, then there is a good chance he will get serious disorders. For example, a dog starts vomiting or has diarrhea, but the symptoms may vary from dog to dog. Call your veterinarian if anything gets serious. Always feed your pet with healthy food which fulfills the nutrients required.

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