How To Warm Up Wet Cat Food: 3 Best Ways

How to warm up wet cat food? There are many reasons why cats need to be fed wet food. For example, they might be on a special diet, or they prefer variety in their menu. Cats that don’t like dry food will certainly appreciate the texture and taste change with wet cat food.

When it comes to handling this kind of food, there are some things you’ll need to be careful about, especially when you get ready to serve the food. After all, it’s not like your regular breakfast oats.

The most important thing is never to feed cats cold food or let them stay out for a while, so it warms up. The reason is that these animals don’t have sweat glands, and they can’t cool down by themselves.

How To Warm Up Wet Cat Food
How To Warm Up Wet Cat Food

Instead, cats lose heat through their mouths, and if their food is cold, the process will take even longer.

This means that you should never try to feed your cat while their dinner is still ice-cold because it will be uncomfortable for the animal and very dangerous.

The best thing to do is put the food in a plastic bag and submerge it completely in hot water for a minute or two. This will ensure that the food heats up enough before serving it to your cat, which will make both of you happier during mealtime.

If you want, you can also add some warm water from the tap before heating it so you can be sure it’s not too hot for your pet.

It might take some time to get used to the idea of heating food for cats, but, as it turns out, this small effort will make a big difference when it comes to your cat’s comfort during mealtime. So if you’re thinking about changing their diet, don’t forget to warm up their food first.

How to warm up wet cat food? 

There are several ways to go about warming up the food, so let’s take a look at some of them. You can use your microwave or oven for this task. However, the safest way would be using hot water from the tap – making sure it isn’t too hot, though!

It only takes a few minutes and has no negative effects on your kitty’s meal. Let’s go through each option in detail below!

Methods of Warming Up Wet Cat Food: How to Warm Up Wet Cat Food in the Oven

The benefit of using your oven is that it heats food evenly, giving a perfect result every time. However, it would be best to consider that this method can be a bit risky, which means that you need to use precautions to avoid the food from becoming a fire hazard.

First, you will need to place a dish with wet cat food on a baking sheet covered with foil and put it in the oven for about three minutes at 350°F (180°C). After that, remove the dish carefully and let the food stand until it cools down enough that your cat will not burn its mouth.

As you can see, this isn’t an option for people who don’t like to use the oven or don’t want to wait several minutes while their cat’s food is being warmed up. However, if your pet needs a special kind of diet and you know that their health depends on it, going through this process is a small price to pay for your pet’s well-being.

Also, please note that you should not warm up food in an oven if it is packed in metal cans because the food might react with the tin, and there could be health risks for both you and your cat.

When heating wet cat food using your oven, the important thing to remember is never to leave the room while the food is in there. This way, you make sure that everything goes according to plan and no one gets hurt.

Methods of Warming Up Wet Cat Food: How to Warm Up Wet Cat Food in a Microwave

This method is faster than an oven, but it also presents some disadvantages. For example, it doesn’t heat food evenly, so the colder parts could still be ice-cold when you serve them to your pet. Also, using microwaves can be dangerous because of the hot spots that aren’t getting hotter.

How to Warm Up Wet Cat Food in a Microwave
How to Warm Up Wet Cat Food in a Microwave

Make sure you never put a metal container with wet cat food in your microwave to keep things safe and easy. For example, if you use a can to feed your pet, make sure it is not metal before microwaving. It is also advisable not to do this if the food has bones inside because they could damage the oven and cause an accident.

Instead of using a can or can-like package, put the food in a microwavable dish and add some lukewarm water to it. Put the lid on the container and put it in the microwave for a minute or two, depending on how much you’re warming up. After that, remove the dish carefully and let it cool down before serving it to your pet.

As you can see from the above information, microwaving wet cat food is fast, but it’s not the safest way to do that. If you have no other option available, be extra careful when you’re doing this for your pet.

Methods of Warming Up Wet Cat Food: How to Warm Up Wet Cat Food by Using Water from the Tap

Warm water from the tap is a safer option than microwaving or using your oven. However, some people believe that it doesn’t heat food evenly, so a cat’s stomach can still be full of cold spots. That is why you should let the food cool down for a few minutes before serving it to your pet because this way, it will be safe and warm.

Consider another thing when you use this method; make sure that the water is not too hot because it could burn your pet’s mouth. Letting it sit for a few minutes will also help, but, in general, warm tap water (that comes out of the faucet) is the best option available to you.

Also, remember that if your cat needs a special diet and doesn’t want to heat up food in the oven or microwave it every time, water from the tap is a good option since it doesn’t pose any risks.


1. It is best not to put it in the refrigerator because this will lead to condensation and then ice crystals;

2. You can microwave or boil this wet food which you only need to warm up. The best practice is to put them into the boiling water first, turn off the stove and wait for about three minutes, then take them out;

3. You can also put it into your oven at a low temperature (about 120F), but make sure the food is not directly touching the metal surface of the rack or oven at any time (to prevent burns). Or you can sprinkle some water on the food package every 15 minutes.

Notably, when you warm up your cat’s wet food in a microwave oven, the top of it will be much hotter than the bottom or middle part. In this case, turn it over and then put it into the microwave again for about 30 seconds to provide even heating.

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Is It Safe to Warm Up Cold Cat Food in?

You may think it’s weird to warm up your cat food in a microwave oven or stove, especially if you do that daily. However, you must know that this is completely safe for pets, and there is no reason you shouldn’t do it. After all, you’re trying to provide your pet with better nutrition by giving it fresh, hot food.

What you should remember is that the microwave has to be clean because just one crumb of something can cause a fire or an electric shock if your cat licks it off the floor. Keep in mind that most cats are very curious animals, so they will probably do this.

Is It Safe to Warm Up Kitten Food in?

Some people indeed use their microwaves to warm up kitten food because of its convenience. However, you should know that this can be dangerous for your pet because it could burn its mouth if the food is not cool enough when it eats it. That’s why you need to make sure that the food is not too hot before serving it to your cat.

Warm Up Kitten Food
Warm Up Kitten Food

However, if you don’t have any other choice, make sure you stir it around to distribute the heat evenly. Also, remember that kittens are very comfortable with drinking warm milk, so this should not be a problem for them at all.

Is it OK to feed cat cold wet food?

This is a question that comes up often, and it has no definite answer. Some people believe that cold food can be bad for cats, while others don’t agree with this.

There is no scientific evidence that proves that feeding a cat’s wet food cold or warm will harm your pet in any way, which means you should decide if you want to do it or not based on your own experience and that of your cat.

If the answer is yes, you should know that having a bit of cold food in its stomach won’t affect your pet because this will cause many dental problems. However, it would help if you were sure that when you take out the wet food stored in the fridge, you should let it sit at room temperature for a while before serving it.

Do cats prefer warm or cold meals?

Cats are very particular animals, and they have unique behavior that is unlike any other pet. Because of this, you shouldn’t be surprised if your cat doesn’t care about the temperature of its food or it can eat both warm and cold meals without having any problems at all.

Most cats will prefer to drink milk from a saucer rather than from a cup, which means they don’t care about any food or drink temperature.

Nevertheless, if your cat likes to have warm food, then you can try putting it in a microwavable bowl and let it sit out for a few minutes before giving this to your pet. Usually, most cats will enjoy their meal a lot more if it’s warm or at least room temperature.

What if your cat doesn’t want to eat food that is too hot?

The truth is that some cats don’t like to have their food be too hot, and this will not hurt them in any way. You can give your pet slightly warm food without any problems.

You should know that it is a misconception to believe that a cat’s tongue can be burned very easily, and cats have nothing to fear from food being too hot.

You must realize that all your pet needs are a normal sense of taste, which means it will prefer its food to be slightly warmer rather than colder.

However, if your cat turns its nose up at food that tastes too hot, all you need to do is allow it to sit out for a few minutes before serving it. This should be enough time for the heat to dissipate, and your pet will enjoy eating warm food just like you or me.

The Bottom Line

Cats need to be warmed up just like humans do. They are more likely to eat warm than cold food, so if you want your cat to enjoy his or her mealtime experience, then it’s best to give them a dish of wet food.

The easiest way to warm my cat’s wet food is by microwaving the bowl in 10 second intervals until the desired temperature has been reached. If you don’t have access to a microwave or other means, fill the container with hot water and wait for about 15 minutes before feeding your pet!

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