How to Make Cat Food Soft? 5 Amazing Methods

How to make cat food soft? Soft Cat Food is better for your cat’s health. It is a kind of dry food. It has to be moistened before serving and delivers the cat with many vitamins and minerals and natural ingredients such as meat, fish, or vegetables. The content ranges from 10% up to 50%.

As the name says, it should not be hard at all so that your cat can eat them easily.

Soft cat food is for cats that have dental problems or lose teeth. But it should not be the only food source! For example, if your cat has already lost some of its teeth, soft food can become a “saliva ejector.”

How to make cat food soft
How to make cat food soft

Other foods are available that give your pet enough minerals and vitamins without missing teeth too much.

Is Soft Cat Food Good?

Of course, but it’s not sufficient to provide your pet with everything it needs. The content should be adapted to the cat and its eating habits and preferences.

A vet can help you find out what kind of food is best for your pet. There are foods for small cats, medium-sized cats, large cats, older cats, and even diabetic pets.

How to Make Cat Food Soft? 5 Amazing Methods

In this blog post, we will discuss how to make cat food soft. Cat food needs to be a certain consistency for cats to eat it easily and without any problems. Cats can have a hard time swallowing food that is too dry or tough.

In some cases, the cat may not be able to swallow at all if they cannot chew properly due to dental issues such as tooth loss or gum disease. The following steps should help you successfully prepare your feline’s favorite dish!

Method 1:

Add water to the food. You can use fresh or bottled water. Warm up the mixture in a microwave oven until it is lukewarm, and feed after that to your cat. This method delivers about 20% of moisture into the food. Your pet will be very thankful for every bite!

Method 2:

You need to take the food out of the can. Put it into a bowl and add boiling water. Please wait until the content is lukewarm and feed it to your pet afterward. It should have 30% moisture in total.

Method 3:

You need to soak the food in milk or stock for about 5 minutes before serving it to your cat. This method should deliver about 25% of moisture.

Method 4:

Mix canned food and dry food and store it in the fridge for 12 hours before serving your cat. The result will be a mixture with 20% moisture!

Method 5:

Grind fresh meat, fish, or vegetables very finely and add boiling water to create a mix similar to baby food. After that, mix it with dry food finely and store the mixture in the fridge for at least 12 hours. This will result in a mix with 35-40% moisture.

Is It OK to Moisten Dry Cat Food?

It is a good idea for cats with some left or no teeth at all to moisten dry cat food with water or fresh meat juice.

This way, you will make the food softer and easier to eat. Cats with only a few teeth left can hardly eat hard and dry food without problems anymore, and they need moistened cat food.

In most cases, dry cat food is not good for your pet. Of course, cats can eat it too if they have enough teeth left or no teeth at all, but that’s not very healthy, and it can lead to intestinal problems later on.

Cats with few or even no teeth left will eat moist food much better, especially if they love it soft.

What Is Good Soft Food for Cats?

There are several foods that you can buy for your cat that are already moistened. These products were made with cats in mind, and they contain all the vitamins, minerals, and ingredients your feline needs.

Canned food is also very popular among cat owners because it contains a lot of moisture which prevents intestinal problems. So always look for the right kind of food. If your cat loves a certain flavor, any brand should be good if it contains all the necessary nutrients.

Please do not feed your pet too much dry food because they lack important vitamins and minerals. Make their dry diet more interesting by moistening some pieces or adding water, milk, or meat juice before serving.


Cats usually don’t like eating moist food. They need to have a dry diet because of their bad teeth and other health problems, even if they lose weight from this kind of meal. If you have a cat that cannot eat hard food anymore, you should try out different ways that may soften the food up.

Make sure your cat does not have dental problems because this can cause them to have difficulty swallowing or chewing moist food! And always look for the right kind of food that will moisten the meal and provide all the necessary nutrients your pet needs.