How To Give a Cat A Pill Without Food? 12 Easy Ways

How to give a cat a pill without food? Many pet lovers are embarrassed to give their cat a pill without food. They wonder how to give a cat a pill without food. Some people think a pill is too big for their cat to swallow.

Some cats may spit out the pill or refuse to swallow it after you put it in their mouth. There are ways you can give your cat a pill without food.

We’ve compiled the best tips from 10 experts and pet owners on how to give your cat a pill without food.

How to give a cat a pill without food? 12 Easy Ways

#1. Watch your cat

First, make sure it’s a human-sized pill. You can give your cat a pill by putting the pill in your hand. Place the pill on a flat surface and place big hands (or gloves) on top of the pill.

The other way is to hold the tablet and pet your cat’s head with your other hand. The pill will stay in place when your cat licks or chews on it.

#2. Use a pill pocket

If your cat is not familiar with the taste of a pill, she may refuse to eat it. A pill pocket gives your cat something tasty and safe to eat that can’t be spitting out.

#3. Hide the tablet in canned tuna

Your cat will gobble up the tuna fish while you put it in the tablet. Or, you can mix it in with a small piece of cooked chicken or cheese. Many pet owners use cat treats or meat to cover up the pill.

#4. Use a treat stick

The standard treat sticks are great for hiding pills within a cat’s favorite treats. Some pet owners prefer using their cat’s favorite treats like catnip, tuna, or milk. If you use this method, check the treat sticks to make sure the product doesn’t contain aspirin or other pills that can be harmful.

How To Give a Cat A Pill Without Food
How To Give a Cat A Pill Without Food

#5. Use a pill holder

A pill holder holds the pill between two fingers. You can place your hand over your cat’s head as she eats her meal to get the bottle under her nose. Then, slide one finger out of the way and out of sight.

#6. Use the cat’s nose

If your cat is already eating, use the tip of your finger and insert it behind the cat’s nose. If your cat licks her nose, she can swallow the pill.

#7. Put the pill in a treat tin

A large tin can be used as a holder for an entire package of treats. Use this method if you need to get some pills into your pet that she wants or consumes often.

#8. Use a water bottle to hide the pill

If your cat is not eating well, you can squirt the pill into her mouth. You can use an eyedropper, turkey baster, or other household items. Start by mixing the pill in a small amount of water. Hold the pet’s mouth shut and squirt some water down his throat. This method is also useful for pets that have trouble swallowing medications.

#9. Hold the cat up

If you have your pet on a leash, hold him up by the scruff of his neck and put the tablet in his mouth. He will not be able to spit it out.

#10. Put the pill in your pet’s drink

You could put the pill into your pet’s water. But it can be risky to put strong medications in a cat’s drinking water. Be safe with your pet and use the pill pocket or treat method.

#11. Use a ball

If you have more than one cat, try putting the tablet under the ball your cat loves to play with. This method is also useful if you give your pet an oral vaccine. The pill will dissolve within hours.

#12. How to give a pill without food: Use your finger

Another method is to slip the tablet onto your finger and then just set it on the ground. Some cats swallow their food whole, so it may be wise to squirt some water down his throat first.

What to do when giving your cat a pill by hand fails?

Have you tried everything and still can’t give a cat a pill without food? You can use pill guns or syringes. A pill gun is an easy-to-use applicator. The pill gun forces the tablet out of the syringe and into your pet’s mouth through a thin tube. This method ideally requires no contact between the animal and human.

How do I administer the pill directly into my cat’s mouth?

You can give the pill by hand. To do this, the pill should be small enough to fit onto your finger. You may use a pill dispenser for large cat-sized pills like aspirins or large dogs like aspirin.

Note: very few cats or dog medications are available in a pill form these days; you may need to look into other ways to administer the medication.

What is the easiest way to give a pill to my cat?

The easiest way to give a pill is to use a cat treat. You can use a hard plastic spoon or cone to hold the pill on the end of a stick. Your cat will take it from there.

Can I give my cat their medication at bedtime?

Pill dispensers can be used for multiple doses and have a small opening at the bottom, so you can put more pills in as needed. A pill gun is an alternative that does not require adult supervision.

How can I give a pill to my cat without getting hairballs?

It’s okay to administer medication on a full stomach. Medication should be administered at least 9 hours after your pet last ate.

How do I give pills to my cat?

Use a pill gun or syringe if your pet has a phobia of having her mouth held shut. Once the pill is in the tube, the animal won’t even feel the human is holding its mouth closed.

How can I prevent my cat from choking on or vomiting pills?

Pills are usually so big that they would not fit through the throat when chewed. This is why they are turned into a paste and then swallowed. Most pet owners have horror stories of their pet gagging or vomiting when trying to administer medication.

Some could go ahead and throw the pill right in their cat’s food. If you don’t want that stress, you can check out our pill technology article. Or, check out the recommendations on administering a pill to your feline friend at the top of this article.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a large pill or a liquid suspension, you will likely not be able to administer it to your feline friend without some difficulty. It can be as simple as just placing the pill in their mouth with your finger or holding their head closed. If they don’t want to swallow while eating, you may want to try squirting the water down your cat’s throat.

You should call your veterinarian if your pet is vomiting after taking his medication. This could indicate that the medication was too strong for your pet. Some medications are especially vulnerable to stomach upset, so it can be wise to check with your vet and ask if there is some other way you can administer it without a pill pocket or treat.

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