Benevo Cat Food: Best 5 Key Features

Benevo cat food, created by Evolve pet products, is something you just have to try if you are a cat owner.

Benevo cat food is made with 100% British-grown ingredients sourced with respect for the environment. The food contains no animal by-products, using only high-quality meat and vegetable products.

This Iams specific brand of cat food even includes added vitamins and minerals such as taurine and omega 3, which help promote healthy skin and fur, not to mention reduced risk of allergies.

What Is Benevo Cat Food?

Benevo is really a range of cat food available in Iams, Friskies, and Eukanuba flavors.

This type of food boasts the highest protein of any other cat food on the market, with over 20% protein content.

In addition, the ingredients are comprised mainly of 100% solely natural ingredients, which means no animal by-products or artificial flavors at all.

Benevo Cat Food
Benevo Food

The Benevo cat food is a specialized kind of cat food made from natural ingredients high in protein, low in fat, and absolutely no artificial preservatives, coloring, or flavors.

This cat food has been created with a dedication to the environment in mind, which means they use all 100% British-grown ingredients with no by-products.

Additionally, Benevo cat food uses no added animal by-products or artificial flavors and naturally promotes healthy skin and fur.

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What’s It Made From?

The ingredients used in Benevo cat food are as close to food as possible.

This means that it’s made mostly from 100% high-quality meat protein with no artificial preservatives, coloring or flavors added. Benevo has been created from all-natural ingredients sourced from the UK.

The ingredients used in Benevo cat food include;

Chicken, Beef, Carrots, Potatoes, Cauliflower, and Salmon.

The Benevo cat food contains no animal by-products, meaning that there are no chicken by-products or artificial ingredients at all.

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How Much Will I Need This Food?

It depends on your cat’s age, weight, and energy usage. However, it’s advised that you feed your cat up to 3 times a day (otherwise they could become overweight); using around 600gms of Benevo food; this will be enough to keep them active and happy.

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Benevo cat food is also available in dry and wet cat food for fussy eaters or cats who are ill or have sensitive stomachs.

Where can I buy it?

If you want to purchase Benevo cat food, you will be able to find it in most pet stores, though it is recommended that you try and get into a large retailer like Pets at Home, where they have a huge choice of all Specially Selected cat foods.

Usage Information

It’s a good idea to let your cat know when you are serving them the Benevo cat food, as they might be more inclined to eat.

For this reason, you should let a little bit out of the bowl while it’s still hot; alternatively, make a small hole in the bag and see if your cat eats it through that.

There is no real harm in letting them eat what is not quite warm but will give them something to chew on instead.

Best 5 Key Features

1. High-quality meat and vegetable products

2. Made from 100% British grown ingredients

3. No animal by-products or artificial preservatives, flavoring, or coloring at all

4. Contains Omega 3 and Taurine to help promote healthy skin and fur

5. No artificial preservatives or colors added to the products.

Analytical Constituents

  • Crude Protein (min) 19.00%,
  • Crude Fiber (max) 4.00%,
  • Crute Fat (min) 2.00%,
  • Crude Ash (max). 4.00%

How To Use?

Let your cat know you are about to feed them Benevo by serving them a little bit before placing the bowl in front of them.

Feed your cat Benevo by placing the bowl in front of them (at a height they can get to).

Is Benevo Cat Food Safe?

Benevo cat food is very safe for your feline friend.

It’s made from natural ingredients, sourced with the environment in mind (therefore, the food is always fresh), and tastes delicious!

Is Benevo Cat Food Good Value?

Yes! Because of all the natural ingredients used in Benevo cat food, it should last you a lot longer than if you were to feed them other brands of cat food. This also means that it’s naturally free from artificial substances and preservatives, which saves you money too.


Benevo cat food is very healthy and good for your feline friend. It tastes delicious, is made with all-natural ingredients, and is a great way to ensure that your cat enjoys the highest quality diet.

Benevo cat food is available at most pet stores, so it’s easy to purchase, but if you can, I would recommend going to a larger retailer like Pets at Home as they have a much wider range of flavors to choose from.


Are Benevo cat food products suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs?

Yes, absolutely; Benevo cat food is made with 100% natural ingredients and is gluten-free, so it’s ideal for those who have sensitive tummies too.

How long will a bag of Benevo cat food last me?

As it is a high-quality product, you can expect to get a lot longer out of one bag than you would with other brands. It depends on your cat’s weight, age, and energy usage, so it’s hard to comment on how long a bag will last you. However, we estimate that the 1kg bag will last around 5-6 weeks.

Is Benevo cat food available in small chunks or soft food?

Benevo cat food is not available as a soft or ”chunk” form; however, Benevo cat food is available as a wet and dry formula, so you will be able to purchase depending on your cat’s preference.

Can I feed my cat Benevo on its own?

The Benevo cat food can be fed on its own. However, it’s also available in Iams, Friskies, and Eukanuba formulas, so you can purchase any of these instead if you’d like to.

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