Adding Water To Dry Cat Food || Best 5 Benefits Of Adding Water

It’s actually surprisingly easy to hydrate dry cat food. One quick way to do it is with a simple spray bottle Just add some water.

We all know that cats need to drink water, but what about when they don’t want to? There are a couple of ways you can get them to drink more water.

One way is by adding water to their dry food, and another way is by putting fresh or canned food in a bowl and topping it with some wet kibble. If your cat has been eating dry food for most of its life, it will be easier to add wet food instead of mixing up everything.

Adding Water To Dry Cat Food
Adding Water To Dry Cat Food

For this method to work best, ensure that there’s enough moisture so your cat doesn’t find any reason not to eat the wet stuff! If both methods have failed, you could also try giving them a running faucet or an automatic watering system.

How Much Is Water Perfect To Add In Dry Cat Food?

The amount of water added to dry cat food will depend on the type of food. You need to add about 50% more water than there is kibble, and then once it has been thoroughly mixed, it should look like a drinkable gravy-like substance.

How Much Is Water Perfect To Add In Dry Cat Food
How Much Is Water Perfect

You can tell if your cat likes the extra moisture by how many licks it takes before your cat starts to drink. If it doesn’t take more than a few licks, then you need to keep working at adding water until your kitty starts drinking.

If they never seem interested in the extra moisture, try adding about 50% less than recommended.

What Type of Water Should I Use?

You should use either tap water or spring/ filtered water to add to the dry food. Bottled water is more expensive, and depending on where you are, it may also be less healthy since there are no standards for bottled water quality.

If you don’t like the thought of drinking from the tap, then invest in a good filtration system that removes chlorine and fluoride. This will ensure that the water you’re using for your cat’s food is as clean and healthy as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Water To Dry Cat Food?

There are a few benefits to adding water to dry food. When you add moisture to dry food, it is more easily digested by your cat, and there’s less risk of constipation happening.

If your cat does happen to be suffering from feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), then feeding them moist food will also help with the problem.

Adding water to dry cat food can also help you gain a few extra days for your cat’s life if they were diagnosed with kidney failure or another serious disease. The moist food is easier to digest and metabolize, thus giving their organs more time before shutting down.

Best 5 Benefits Of Adding Water To Dry Cat Food

Here are 5 benefits of adding water to dry cat food:

1. It is easier to digest and process. 

2. May help cats suffering from FLUTD (lower urinary tract disease), kidney failure, or other serious illnesses.

3. Cats will drink more water throughout the day.

4. It helps when transitioning your cat to a completely new food by making the texture less dry and making your cat more likely to eat.

5. When cats are sick, they usually prefer wet food instead of dry food because it is easier for their stomachs to process.

How Do You Add Water To Dry Cat Food?

Mixing the water it can be done in several ways. Either you could mix up the whole batch at once, let it sit, or mix up a smaller amount each day and crush the food into finer pieces to absorb the water better.

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Of course, mixing it all at once is much faster, but when doing this, make sure that you are careful not to add too much water because if there’s too much, then your cat won’t eat it and will be wasting the money that you spent on kibble.

Can You Mix Dry And Wet Cat Food?

If your cat is used to eating wet food, then you can mix the two. It’s best to transition them slowly over a few days since cats often don’t like the taste of something new and may not eat at all if it’s given to them too suddenly.

Mix Dry And Wet Cat Food
Mix Dry And Wet Cat Food

When transitioning your cat from dry food to wet or vice versa, it’s a good idea to mix the two and gradually add more wet food or dry food in until you are only feeding the main meal in either type.

Can Cats Have Dry Food Only With Water Added?

Cats can eat dry food just fine, but it doesn’t provide them with the same benefits as wet cat food since there is no moisture in dry food.

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If your cat is older and doesn’t drink much water, you can feed them dry food only, but make sure that you are feeding them a proper diet for their age and illness. If they are healthy, then wet food is better since there’s more to it than moisture content.

Should You Add Water To Dry Kibble?

Adding water to dry kibble is an important step that helps your cat’s digestive system since it makes the food easier for the body to digest and process.

If you are trying to transition your cat from wet food or sick, then mixing the two will help them eat more since it gives their stomach something new to the process.

The Last Word

As a cat lover, you know that cats need to drink water. Cats are naturally drawn to running or dripping water and often refuse food containing it. The best way for your cat to get the hydration they need is by adding wet food into their normal dry diet. This will keep them well-hydrated and help with digestion because of the increased fiber content in both types of food. 

Comment below if you have any questions about feeding your furry friend.


Why Is It Important To Add Water To Cat Food?

Most cats lack the enzymes needed to digest plant material (fiber). Most dry food contains a large amount of fiber in grain or corn. Some cats can’t digest this fiber well. It can cause problems such as hairballs and constipation.

Why Do So Many People Advise Against Adding Water To Cat Food?

Most cat food companies advise against adding water because they want you to buy more of their product. Cats don’t naturally drink water, so it’s not smart to put a bowl of water out for them, as it will encourage them to drink too much (and gain weight).

Why Should My Cat Only Drink Small Amounts Of Water During The Day?

Cats are small animals, and low-stress temperatures are good for them. If you live in a dry climate, your cat will be fine with just a few times per week that they’re allowed to drink water.

How Much Water Should You Add To Dry Cat Food?

Since cats don’t store water, adding too much water can cause serious health problems. In a dry climate, your cat will be able to survive on just a couple of drips of water (per day) for several days.

Can Cats Live On Dry Food?

Of course, they can! But to maximize your cat’s health, it’s important not to feed just dry food. It’s also important that you provide an adequate water supply for their health.

How Do You Know When To Add More Water?

If your cat is eating the food, he’s getting enough water. It is best to keep the dry food moist (but not too wet) and recheck it from time to time to see if more water is needed.

How Much Water Can I Add To Cat Food?

It’s best to always err on the side of adding less water than too much. 1-2 drops per day for an average-sized cat should be plenty.

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